For Adults

Ever wondered why some people are so creative?

Are you one of those who are intrigued by artworks of artists and always wondered how it was done?

Have you always wanted to draw and paint but never did because you lack the knowledge and confidence to try? Then ARThaus is a place for you.

Our programs are specially design to take you through various stages of mastering various mediums and application of techniques. It is a place for you to explore and express your creativity all set in an artist studio environment.

Our Drawing and Painting program is well suited for beginner to advance students who want to pursue their artistic dreams. It is set in environment where the workshop will ideally take you through in search of your own artistic endeavours.

With personalized program and close guidance from the instructors, accompanied by a relaxed and stress free environment, you can be at ease exploring your spectrum of artistic expression and abilities freely. We believe in cultivating creativity, to instil in you a wonderful learning experience 

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Pastel Painting
Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting
Art Jamming